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Thank you so much for your effort to create and maintain this software. It’s not an easy job to do what you did. I am so happy with the Meeting Schedule Assistant software. It’s so easy to use. I just wonder if there is a way to share the event in Google calendar.

About the Public Talks software, for me, it appears so hard to use. I am not sure if it can be more simplified.

Thank you for you hard work.

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Fahd S. Touma

Response from Theocratic Software

Thank you for your kind words. The idea with Google Calendar (and Outlook) is that you use a calendar that you have created (i.e.. not your personal one) and then you share the calendar by inviting members to have read only access. They can then view it on any device.

As for Public Talks, I can’t really make it more simplified. The most complicated bit is doing your own custom reports. But it does come with a lot of standard ones. In all honesty I think it is best that a user explain how to use it, if the help documentation is not sufficient enough.

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