Meeting Schedule Assistant v19.0.8 is now available

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I am pleased to announce that there is a new version of Meeting Schedule Assistant now available.

I would like to thank all of those who have been involved during and discussion and development of this edition.

Foreign-Language Group

This version of Meeting Schedule Assistant introduces the concept of the Foreign-Language Group mode. Please read the help topic to familiarise yourself with how you can effectively use this feature.

A real life example of the modified S-140 Schedule has been kindly provided by one of our users and you are more than welcome to use it if it fits the needs of your Congregation / Group:

Workbook – S-140 Public Talk / Watchtower Study / Service Talk / Foreign-Language Group

This is a real life example of a template used by a Foreign-Language Group. It is a modified S-140 template.

Please read this help topic to learn more about this actual script and the changes that were made. You may download and use it if it fits the needs of your congregation.

You can read more about the Foreign-Language Group mode that was introduced in Meeting Schedule Assistant v19.0.8 here.

Size: 6KB
Version: 1.0


There are several other enhancements in this edition. For example, you can now adjust the calendars that you synchronise with from inside both editors. This comes in handy for those who make use of the Foreign-Language Group mode as you will use a different calendar for the Congregation and Group.

Custom Report of Appointed Assignments

Recently a brother came forward to kindly make his custom report available for the benefit of the user base:

Custom Report of Appointed Assignments

This is custom report of appointed assignments.

First table shows the brothers assigned each week for each assignment.

Second table shows brothers assigned for each week.

This custom report is useful for last minute substitutions: you can see quickly which brothers are free and their assignments in the coming weeks.

Size: 2.15KB
Version: 1.0
Published: 18/03/2019

You will also find a few other improvements in this edition and all of them are documents in the Revision History section of the help file.

Latest Download

Meeting Schedule Assistant

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You can also upgrade by using the Check for Update feature from the Help menu (if you have not been a beta tester).