Custom Workbook Scripts

Custom Workbook S-140

– With Weekend Meeting and Duty Assignments (in English)

Here is an example of what to expect:
This custom worksheet script is designed to display one week per page. It includes the following information:

  • Midweek Meeting
  • Weekend Meeting
  • Duty Assignments

Updating Translations

The only translation that will be required is for the heading:


Other Required Changes

You will need to confirm that the Report Mode is correct (it is using Midweek at the moment):


You will also need to confirm the labels / assignments:


Please read this help topic to familiarise yourself with the Duty Assignment History syntax.

Customising the Look and Feel

A set of classes have been added to the CSS file for styling:

  • textDutyAssignTable
  • textDutyAssignRow
  • textDutyAssignLabel
  • textDutyAssignName
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Published: 31/10/2018
Workbook Compact With Assignments Hungarian
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Workbook Compact With Assignments English
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