Why can’t I see any students?

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– Why Can’t I See Any Students?

This is a question that I get asked quite frequently. In this article I attempt to explain why it happens and what you need to do.

Why It Happens

Revision History 17.0.9
Back in February 2017 we released version 17.0.9.

This edition introduced a brand new Publishers Database.

To get your students to be visible again you must follow this procedure:

What You Need To Do

Menu Item

Step 1

  • Click on the Options menu.

  • Next, click on the Publishers Database menu item.

Upgrade Database

Step 2

The Publishers Database window gets displayed.

  • Click on the Database menu.

  • Now click on Upgrade Database.

The software application will now attempt to read all the various locations that publishers and students were held in the program and consolidate them into the new database.

You need to verify the upgraded database to ensure everything imported correctly. From now on you need to manage all publishers from this new window.

How to use Public Talk titles in a different language?

This question was posted here:


Our brother asks:

When I switch from Italian to French for the software language, the Talks are still in Italian.
Why? I also tried to change the database language.

I will try to explain the steps you must follow:

Step 1

Database tab
Database Tab

The first thing you need to do is click on the Database ribbon tab.





Step 2

Restore Database
Restore Database

Next, click on the Restore Database icon.






Step 3


Now, click on the Browse button to show a file selection window.









Step 4


Initially you will be presented with this warning. You must choose Yes to proceed.









Step 5

File Selection
File Selection: C:\Program Files (x86)\Public Talks\Databases

Please navigate to the folder where Public Talks is installed and double-click the Databases folder.  The usual location is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Public Talks\Databases



Step 6

Choose Database
Choose Database

Now you can select the default database that you would like to use. For each language you will see two versions of the database. One in MDB and the other in ACCDB. Select as required.








Things to be aware of

  • When you restore a default database it will reset everything. You will loose all your talk history. So please ensure you have a backup before proceeding.
  • Once you have restored the database it would be advantageous to use the Check for New Talks feature to see if it is up to date.