Meeting Schedule Assistant v19.0.5 is now available

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Newsletter 22/12/2018

I am pleased to announce that there is a new version of Meeting Schedule Assistant available.

Sing Out Joyfully to Jehovah

Hindi song list


The new songbook is now updated for Hindi. Schedules must have a start date of 7th January 2019 or later.

Saramaccan song list


The new songbook is now updated for Saramaccan. Schedules must have a start date of 7th January 2019 or later.

Backup Restore

The backup / restore feature has been improved and now supports progress monitoring.

Progress monitoring
Improved user feedback!

Bug Fixes

The Select Student window has had an important bug fix. It was showing the wrong information under certain scenarios.

S-89 10/18 Student Slips

The templates continue to be updated as the revised slips are made available. At the time of writing these are the languages that still need to be updated:

  • Afrikaans
  • Albanian
  • Armenian
  • Aukan
  • Dutch
  • Estonian
  • Gun
  • Hindi
  • Malagasy
  • Punjabi
  • Russian Russia
  • Saramaccan
  • Setswana
  • Slovenian
  • Sranantongo
  • Tamil
  • Turkish
  • Zulu

Please let me know if any of the revised slips above become available. Ideally I require the single slip PDF document to make the template.

Latest Download

Meeting Schedule Assistant (32-bit)
Meeting Schedule Assistant (32-bit)

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

Deprecated Operating Systems

These operating systems are no longer supported:

  • Windows 7 (Service Pack 1)
  • Windows 8.1

You can still download the last supported version of Meeting Schedule Assistant (which was 23.1.0) from here. But this version is no longer maintained. You are encouraged to use version 23.1.1 or higher.

Size: 18.9 MB
Version: 24.7.0
Published: 22/04/2024