How do I subscribe to the Support Forums?

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    Andrew Truckle
    Date joined: 25/07/2017

    It is quite easy to register. Please follow these steps.

    Step 1

    At the bottom of the website you will see a Register link. Click on this:

    Starting RegistrationStep 2

    You will now see the registration page were you need to supply:

    • A username.
    • A email address.
    • Locate your Sing Out Joyfully to Jehovah song book and provide the scripture citation that can be found on the Title / Publisher page.

    More information is provided on the registration page to assist you.

    Step 3

    Check the reCAPTCHA box (this is to ensure you are a real person) and then click Register. You will then see a second page with a message indicating the registration is complete.

    Step 4

    At the moment you will receive an “Login Details” email. Please ignore this. This is because your account needs to be approved by the administrator before you can login.

    Step 5

    Once your account has been approved you will receive two more emails.

    • One to confirm your account is now approved.
    • The “Login Details” email that you received earlier.

    That completes the registration process. From now on you can just login to view and use the Support Forums.

    Your brother


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