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Does the job well and is constantly updated and supported


This really is a labour of love and very well done. I have no hesitation in recommending it.

When I needed help in the past the developer responded very quickly, at times providing script for custom reports that were specific to our situation. If anything, I worry that too much effort is put into it – but I appreciated it very much as I just didn’t have the skills to do it myself.

Currently I don’t have a responsibility that can utilise the software, but should I need it in the future, I will be back!


Avatar for Tim - in a Portuguese speaking congregation
Tim – in a Portuguese speaking congregation

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Thanks for your review!

Meeting Schedule Assistant


Thanks very much, brother Andrew Truckle for having made it possible to create such software to make our busy lives simpler.

I have been using Meeting Schedule Assistant for almost 13 years now and the software has proven itself to be a handy tool for preparing the assignments for our Life and Ministry meetings and making it possible to include the personal slips for the assignments to our brothers ready to be sent out individually by mail or WhatsApp thus simplifying our workload.

Thru the years I have seen the efforts of our brothers at this theocratic software to keep pace with Jehovah´s organizations when changes are introduced to our meetings layout program and the promptness with which they react making us very happy to keep us updated as promptly as possible with the moving celestial chariot.

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Enrique Rubinos – Lima-Peru

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I am grateful for your review.

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