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Several years ago (literally) a feature request was discussed on Mantis BT. I have at long last spent some time on implementing it!

In version 18.1.5 of Meeting Schedule Assistant you will see a new item added to the File menu:

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This new menu item is only enabled when you are using the Workbook view in the editor. Clicking Print Preview – Personal Copies will display this popup window:

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A help topic has been provided with the updated program about using this feature. In summary:

  • Use the Display options to limit the publishers shown in the list.
  • Use the Select options to quickly select all the publishers that meet the given criteria.
  • You can also manually use CTRL + Left Mouse Click to select multiple entries.
  • Select the Style (there is one installed by default).
  • Press Print Preview to close the window and display the preview.

[expand title=”Additional Information”] As mentioned above, the updated application includes a modified schedule script Workbook-S-140-Personal. It is based on the existing Workbook-S-140 document and was adapted to facilitate the new requirements. Here is a copy of that script, with the ammended items highlighted. This may be of use to you if you are using your own S-140 scripts and want to make a Personal version.

The application also installs an updated CSS document:

At line 172 you will see a new class:

.textHighlight {
background-color: #ffff00;

This class sets any assigned name with a YELLOW BACKGROUND.[/expand]

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  1. This new feature work well and is very useful.

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