Meeting Schedule Assistant v18.2.3 is now available

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I am pleased to announce that there is a new version of Meeting Schedule Assistant available. This edition has the following improvements:

Sing Out Joyfully To Jehovah

There have been updates to the song titles for the following languages:

  • Saramaccan
  • Tamil

Midweek Editor – Status Bar

The Midweek Editor status bar has been revised:

Status Bar
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It provides you with the following additional information:

The following information has been removed:

  • The active Workbook / Worksheet schedule style.

Please note that the following translations have not yet be completed:

  • German (now completed)
  • Greek
  • Polish (now complete)
  • Portuguese Brazil (now completed)
  • Portuguese Portugal (now completed)
  • Swedish (now completed)

These will be updated as soon as possible.

Just for fun!

Two brothers recently tried using Meeting Schedule Assistant with their respective televisions. We thought we would show you! ?

32 Inch Television

Meeting Schedule Assistant on a 32 inch TV!
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55 Inch Television

Meeting Schedule Assistant on 55 inch Television
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    The Portuguese Brazil and Portuguese Portugal translations are now complete.

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