Meeting Schedule Assistant 20.1.9 is now available

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I am pleased to announce that there is a new version of Meeting Schedule Assistant now available.

What’s New

You can now specify the Away Speaker talk numbers on the Weekend Meeting window:

Weekend Meeting — Away Speaker Talk Numbers
Weekend Meeting — Away Speaker Talk Numbers
  • This new information is also included when synchronising with your online calendars.
  • This new information can also be included on on your schedules. Please let me know if you would like to know what changes are required to your schedule template.

Other News

I understand that we have all been informed about the upcoming arrangements for watching the 2020 “Always Rejoice”! conventions. I have made some modifications to the schedule template that we are going to use here in my congregation.

Sample schedule with Regional Convention
Sample schedule with Regional Convention

I am not making this schedule template available on the website. If you would like to use it then please contact me and I will provide you some instructions on what you need to do.

Latest Download

Meeting Schedule Assistant
Meeting Schedule Assistant

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

Deprecated Operating Systems

These operating systems are no longer supported:

  • Windows 7 (Service Pack 1)
  • Windows 8.1

You can still download the last supported version of Meeting Schedule Assistant (which was 23.1.0) from here. But this version is no longer maintained. You are encouraged to use version 23.1.1 or higher.

Size: 18.0 MB
Version: 24.2.4
Published: 28/11/2023

Setup the software to update automatically or upgrade by using the Check for Update feature from the Help menu. Beta testers will need to manually upgrade by downloading from the website.