Worksheet S-140 Weekend Meeting (v2.1)
Worksheet S-140 Weekend Meeting (v2.1)

This is an modified version of the Worksheet S-140 Weekend Meeting template.

This version also includes the theme of the Public Talk for the next week. Example:

Sample Theme Next Week

More Information

Please keep the following in mind:

  1. The heading Next Week is hardcoded into the script and will need to be changed if you want to use this template for another language.
  2. The template examines the History Database to find the theme and not the active schedule. Make sure you have updated your assignment history first.

Further details about how to customize this template can be found here in the Support Forum.

Change Log

Version 2.1 (04/01/22)

  •  Changed the template to prevent content splitting between pages when printing.
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Version: 2.1
Published: 04/01/2022