Meeting Schedule Assistant v18.1.1 is now available

Meeting Schedule Assistant v18.1.1

I am pleased to announce that there is a new version of Meeting Schedule Assistant available. A bug was brought to my attention that was a side effect of recent changes I made to support duty assignment history. The bug affected the Auto Assign Single Column window:

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Duty Assignment History was not being displayed correctly for some of the custom assignments in the list. This has now been resolved.

Student Picker Window

The Student Picker window has been improved:

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The changes apply for all of the student discussons where there is a student and an assistant. You will now see the name of the partner for each assignment displayed in square brackets [ … ]. Enlarge the screenshot above to see some examples (names have been blurred out for privacy reasons).

Sing Out Joyfully To Jehovah – Romanian

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The Midweek Editor now supports the new song book in Romanian.

Your schedule must have a start date greater than or equal to 30th April, 2018.

In addition, phase 2 for Portguese Portugal has been applied.

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(Or use the Check for Update feature available from the Help menu)

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  1. Thanks Andrew!
    I think this is a very useful development. It helps a lot in assigning tasks.
    I really like it. I hope this will help others a lot.


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