Meeting Schedule Assistant v18.1.6 is now available

Meeting Schedule Assistant v18.1.6

I am pleased to announce that there is a new version of Meeting Schedule Assistant available. It includes several new features including a partial translation in Aukan.

Menu Item Bitmaps

I have gone through the menu on the Midweek Editor and located some suitable images for many of the items:

(Click to enlarge)

This adds a bit of colour to the editor ?.

Swapping Assignments

You can now swap assignments on the schedule:

(Click to enlarge)

Hold down the CTRL key and then click the left mouse button on any of the assignments to display the popup menu.

Please note that you cannot use this feature for the following:

  • Bible Reader
  • Students
  • Student Assistants
  • Weekend Assignments

Note that you can swap between different types of assignment too. A small popup window is displayed for you to confirm your actions:

(Click to enlarge)

Referenced Schedules

You can now reference in another schedule into the Editor:

(Click to enlarge)

The additional weeks are shown with a special symbol:

(Click to enlarge)

You can edit the various assignments for any of these referenced weeks like usual. However, you will not be able to do the following:

(Click to enlarge)

  • Download Schedule Information

  • Export Student Information

  • Import Student Information

  • Reference [another] Schedule

  • Save

  • Save As

This is why those actions are greyed out on the File menu.

When you have made the needed changes to the referenced schedule you should close it.

This will show you a file selection window for you to save the schedule. It will offer to update the history and calendars as usual.

Then it unloads the schedule from the editor.

Swap Assignments with a Referenced Schedule

It is possible to swap assignments with a loaded reference schedule. The process is exactly the same.

(Click to enlarge)

You will see that all referenced assignments are indicated with a symbol.

There are also a few other minor improvements and bug fixes made to the application. Please upgrade when the new version is announced.

Feel free to add a comment below about the new features (or to supply beta feedback).


  1. Andrew
    Does this mean that it will only work with newly created schedules? I tried to open April’s shedule and get message:

    Attempted to access a file past its end.

    1. Author

      That should not be the case. I can open files back to January 2018 with no problem. The only thing I can think of is that you were not using the most recent version and as a result there may have been changes in the MWB syntax? Feel free to email me your MWB data file and I will try to see if I can work out your issue.

  2. Andrew…ile being emailed now. I was using the latest update.

    1. Author

      Thanks for sending your May data file to me. I am a little confused because I can open your May data file in the editor and I get no warnings. What steps are you following to get the warning?

  3. Thanks Andrew
    I wiped the folder on my test machine and did a fresh install – all loads fine now! Must have been a glitch! I have now successfully updated on my work machine too and all loads fine!

  4. Andrew
    I have tested the beta thoroughly and all is working as it should. Excellent update with very useful features – thanks!

  5. This new feature (swap assignments) is very useful.

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