Meeting Schedule Assistant v18.1.7 is now available

Meeting Schedule Assistant v18.1.7

I am pleased to announce that there is a new version of Meeting Schedule Assistant available.

Note about Website Translations
The website is being translated automatically using a free facility. As a result the quality of the translations is rather poor. I am sorry about that!

A monthly fee is incurred to get a better translation result and it is not financially viable to take this route. So if you are a non-English user and find it hard to read a certain page then I suggest you use which will give you a better translation.

Site Branding

You will have noticed I am sure that we now have a nice, fresh, updated banner for the website. I would like to thank our brother for taking the time to provide this for us. He has also done some rebranding for Meeting Schedule Assistant. It has a new logo and the installer has been revamped with new images to match:

MSA Rebranded Installer
(Click to enlarge)

As time permits our brother hopes to provide fresh icons for Public Talks. Again, I would like to thank our brother for his time and willingness.

Compliance with GDPR

Most people have now heard about GDPR. It stands for General Data Protection Regulation and it comes into effect on 25th May 2018. You can find more information about it here. Whilst I am not running a business here I am working with a small amount of personal data. So I have had to give it some attention. At the moment I have made the following changes:

  1. The website is now secure and uses the prefix HTTPS.
    HTTP VS HTTPS. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to. … HTTPS is often used to protect highly confidential online transactions like online banking and online shopping order forms.
  2. All emails sent using the Contact Form (*) are sent securely.
  3. Checking for the latest version or latest schedule information is done securely.
  4. The Privacy and Cookie Policy page has been updated.

Please note that I am not a lawyer and I have not paid to talk to an informed individual. I have taken steps I feel I can take to ensure the safety of data that comes my way. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions. I might be able to help.

* Note:
You can now submit your S-89 Assignment Slips PDF document using the Contact Form on the website.

Filter Study Points

A new setting has been added to the Study Points window:

Filter Study Numbers
(Click to enlarge)

This filter can only be used when you enter the next study points. This will hopefully assist you in selecting a suitable point of counsel for their next assignments.

Sing Out Joyfully To Jehovah

Some updates have been made for the new songbook as follows:

  • Aukan (all songs translated)
  • Portuguese Portugal (next phase)
  • Sranantongo (all songs translated)

I continue to keep on the watch for updates to the songbook!


A tutorial about advanced script customisation was recently added to the website. It shows you how to get the Editor to highlight on the S-89 Assignment Slips where no study point has been specified. Example:

(Click to enlarge)

Latest Download

Meeting Schedule Assistant (32-bit)
Meeting Schedule Assistant (32-bit)

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

Deprecated Operating Systems

These operating systems are no longer supported:

  • Windows 7 (Service Pack 1)
  • Windows 8.1

You can still download the last supported version of Meeting Schedule Assistant (which was 23.1.0) from here. But this version is no longer maintained. You are encouraged to use version 23.1.1 or higher.

Size: 20.4 MB
Version: 24.11.1
Published: 20/07/2024
(Or use the Check for Update feature available from the Help menu)

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  1. Thank you again , our brothers ! you’ve been a great help in all our congregation, esp we, the coordinator of the ” Life and Ministry ” meetings. Jehovah God will bless you more !

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