Meeting Schedule Assistant v20.0.0 is now available

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I am pleased to announce that there is a new version of Meeting Schedule Assistant now available.

What’s New

This edition has had some minor changes implemented for the Midweek Meeting. These are due to the recent announcements that were made at the 2019 Annual General Meeting.

The following changes take effect for all Midweek Meetings beginning 6th January 2020:

  • The Opening Comments are reduced to 1 minute.
  • The Digging For Spiritual Gems item is increased to 10 minutes.

This edition also includes a bug fix for Arabic and Gujarati. These partial translations weren’t creating the calendar events correctly. This issue has now been resolved.

Latest Download

Meeting Schedule Assistant

Supported operating systems:

Windows 7 (Service Pack 1)
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Windows 11
Size: 15.8 MB
Version: 22.1.3
Published: 25/06/2022

Setup the software to update automatically or upgrade by using the Check for Update feature from the Help. Beta testers will need to manually upgrade by downloading from the website.


  1. Hi Andrew and all.
    Thank you as always for the work that you put in to this programme.
    I have tried to download version 20, and it downloads, but then I get a message ” Failed Network error”.
    This has happened a few times now, but I have never had trouble downloading the upgrades before. Can you help please.

    1. Author

      Hi Phil

      I am sorry you are having problems. Maybe the server with was having problems? Have you tried upgrading via the applications internal feature?

      Have you tried different browsers and / or deleting you cache? So many things can cause problems.

      If it still persists can you please email a screenshot of the error and the exact steps to reproduce so I can forward it to my domain provider.


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