Meeting Schedule Assistant 20.2.5 is now available

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I am pleased to announce that there is a new version of Meeting Schedule Assistant now available.

What’s New

In this version we have some bug fixes and improvements to the Delete from assignment history feature on the Assignment History window in the Midweek Editor:

  • Right-clicking on a publisher (to delete them) was sometimes asking you to delete the wrong person.
  • Publishers that you deleted were immediately displaying again when selecting a different assignment.
  • Deleting a publisher was not working if the name in the history file included extra spaces.
  • Deleting a publisher now also prompts you to delete them from the Publisher Database.

This version also includes some minor changes to the Armenian translations. In addition, it has been noticed that the Meeting Workbook displays the Congregation Bible Study duration like this (since September in English):

Extract from the September 2020 Meeting Workbook (Living As Christians) section.
The duration now shows as 30 min. or less.

So we have made a minor adjustment to the Midweek Editor so that the Workbook-S-140 schedule displays the duration in the same way:

Example from the Midweek Editor (Living As Christians section).
Midweek Editor with the new Congregation Bible Study duration.

You will be pleased to know that this change does not require any adjustments to your custom templates.

Latest Download

Meeting Schedule Assistant

Supported operating systems:

Windows 7 (Service Pack 1)
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Size: 12.8 MB
Version: 20.2.6
Published: 03/09/2020

You can also upgrade by using the Check for Update feature from the Help menu (if you have not been a beta tester).

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  1. Author

    I am awaiting translations for Hungarian, Polish and Russian. The installer will be updated in due course.

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